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EMERION™7005 receives Canada’s Health Pest Management Regulatory Agency Approval

14 May - Emery Oleochemical’s Agro Green business unit today announced that Canada’s Health Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has approved its EMERION™ 7005, a bio-herbicide used in weed and crop management and particularly effective in desiccation, defoliation, harvesting aid and leaf thinning agent. EMERION™ 7005 has applications for end-used herbicide products and is also suitable for end-consumer products in the Home & Garden market segment. The approval marks yet another of Agro Green?s product to be registered in Canada and offered to the Canadian market.

The Health Pest Management Regulatory Agency has evaluated this unique solution and confirmed it will not pose unacceptable health and environmental risks. Similar bio-herbicide products (EMERION™ 7020, EMERION™7030 and EMERION™7031), based on the same formulation, have been approved in the US by the US EPA and Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) Listed.

“In our efforts to promote ‘Sustainable Agriculture’, we offer chemicals with unique capabilities derived from renewable feedstock. EMERION™ 7005, a high performance natural-based solution is suitable for Home & Garden and high value crops such as fruits and vegetables. It provides optimum yields and higher quality harvest,” said Mr. Steven Chan, Global Director, Agro Green Business. “This product can be used in wide variety of crops like potato and cotton that requires desiccant/defoliant as harvesting aid to improve yields & quality with a short Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) of 1 day.”

EMERION™ 7005 is part of the EMERION™ 7000 series that is based on chemicals which are naturally derived from fats & oils. The series consists of non-selective herbicide and bioactive ingredient for contact spray control or burn down of weeds and grasses for food crops, field crops, pastures, ornamentals, turfs, landscapes, interiors capes, greenhouses, farmsteads, around buildings and industrial sites.

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