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Emery’s Agro Green Solutions business is committed to being your preferred agriculture solutions partner for high-performance, natural-based products that include weed control, insect control and performance products that enhance efficacy. As the Fatty Acid Science and Technology (F.A.S.T.) experts for agriculture, we are passionate about developing products that are effective, environmentally-responsible and sustainable, with low environmental impact and high application efficacy.

We provide the marketplace with renewable solutions that even Mother Nature is proud of through our EMERION® and EMTROL® brands. Readily biodegradable, improved worker safety, no known resistance and bee-friendly are just some of the benefits our customers enjoy as we tap into the unique capabilities of our renewable feedstock chemistry and focus on research and technological advancements to provide you with differentiated and innovative solutions. Our active ingredients as well as our fully formulated products are registered with the US EPA. 

Our Ongoing R&D Commitment to Meet Market Needs

Guided by an inventive spirit that goes beyond providing high-performance solutions, Emery Oleochemicals is able to help your business deal with the challenges of end users who are increasingly seeking more natural-based solutions. Through our focus on research and technological advancements, we are poised to provide you with differentiated, customizable and innovative solutions. Supported by our regional Technical Development Centers and a dedicated Product and Application Development lab in the US, our Agro Green Solutions business platform can also support both exclusive and joint solutions development efforts with our customers to meet your specific requirements.

Contact us today to enhance your existing portfolio and formulations, or if you are interested in a private label relationship.

Reduce Your Dependence on Conventional Herbicides, Replace Them with 100% Biobased Products

Bio Preferred Label logo EMERION® Herbicide Products Earn Certified 100% Biobased Product Label from USDA

BioPreferred_20yrBadge_Champion_560x314 In 2022, when the USDA BioPreferred® Program celebrated its 20 Year Anniversary as the Federal Government’s official advocate and market accelerator for biobased products, Emery Oleochemicals was proud to be recognized by the USDA as a BioPreferred Program Champion.

Market Segment Industries Application
EMERION® (Bioherbicide) Weed Control General Farming
View the EMERION® Weed Control Products data sheet Defoliant Organic Gardening
  Desiccant Turf & Ornamental
  Sucker Control Home & Garden
EMERION® (Biopesticide) Insecticide & Insect Repellant Livestock Farming
  Nematicide Animal Health
  Fungicide Pest Control
  Miticide Personal Care
  Anti-Microbial Public Health
    Seed Treatment
EMTROL® (Plant Growth Regulator) Sucker Control Fruit Crops
    Leaf Crops
EMERION® (Inerts) Surfactants Pesticide Formulations
  Solvents Seed Treatment Formulations
  Glycols & Polyols Micro Nutrient Formulations
  Wetters / Spreaders / Stickers Tank Mix Adjuvants
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Crop Protection


Livestock Farming

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Organic Gardening

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Seed Treatments

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Turf and Ornamentals

Market Segments

Our EMERION® herbicide products are the natural-based, non-selective, contact solution for burn down of weeds and grasses. They are a highly concentrated formulation of ammonium soap of pelargonic acid which strips the waxy cuticle and penetrates the cellular walls for rapid desiccation of undesired foliage within hours.

Features Benefits
Naturally Derived Renewable Resources
Half Life is One Day No Residue
GRAS Material Food Crop Safety
Non-selective Contact Herbicide All Weeds Control
OMRI® Listed Use in Organic Gardening
Nontoxic Chemistry Worker Safety
Main Use Application
Weed Control Broadleaf / Sedges / Moss
Defoliants Induce Ripening (most fruit crops)
Desiccants Assist in Harvest (most crops)
Sucker Control Control and Improve Crop Yield Quality
Formulation Form
EMERION® W 36 SL Technical Grade Active Ingredient
EMERION® W 40 SL Soluble Liquid (Concentrate)
EMERION® W 40 SL OG Soluble Liquid (Concentrate)
EMERION® W 40 SL ONC Soluble Liquid (Concentrate)
EMERION® W 5 RTU Ready To Use
EMERION® W 5 RTU OG Ready To Use
EMERION® W 90 PA TG Technical Grade Active Ingredient

Our EMERION® insect control products contain natural compounds such as fatty acids, essential oils and other naturally-occurring insecticides used for general insect control. They control pests by repelling insects on infested plants in specialty agricultural markets, professional pest control markets and commercial livestock applications. Formulation options include liquid, dust, mineral oil and silicone oil.

Features Benefits
Naturally Derived Renewable Resources
Half Life is One Day No Residue
GRAS Material Food Crop Safety
Contact Pesticide Most Pest Control
Nontoxic Chemistry Worker Safety
Insect Repellency Public & Animal Health
Main Use Application
Pest Control Livestock / Pets / Agriculture / Farmhouse
Insecticides Fruit Flies / Aphids / BPH
Nematicide Nematodes Control
Miticides Mites Control
Insect Repellant Lotion / Aerosol
Anti-microbial Agent Oil Base / Powder / WP
Formulation Form
EMERION® 8000 Technical Grade (Liquid)
EMERION® 8100 Mineral Oil (Liquid)
EMERION® 8200 Clay (Powder)
EMERION® 8300 Clay (WP)
EMERION® 8400 Silicon Oil (Liquid)

Our EMERION® performance products provide a performance boost to agricultural formulations and are natural-based alternatives to conventional (petroleum-derived) additives. These products are designed to improve the efficacy of formulated products by providing wetting, penetration and sticking in agricultural applications.

Features Benefits
Naturally Derived Renewable Resources
High Flash Point Low Hazard
Nontoxic Chemistry Worker Safety
Main Use Application
Surfactants Emulsifier
Solvents Solvency
Potentiators Penetration
Anti-Freeze Improves stability
Spreader / Wetter / Sticker Tank Mix
Time Release Bio efficacy
Product Uses
EMERION® 1000 Series Surfactants
EMERION® 2000 Series Solvents
EMERION® 3000 Series Potentiators
EMERION® 4000 Series Blend Pairs
EMERION® 5000 Series Special Blends
EMERION® 6000 Series Tank Mix Adjuvants
EMERION® G Series Glycols
EMERION® P Series Polyols

We offer a natural fatty alcohol-based plant growth regulator (PGR) for sucker control to improve crop yield quality. It is a contact PGR and does not leave behind residue as is the case with a systemic PGR.

Features Benefits
Naturally Derived Renewable Resources
GRAS Material Crop Safety
Contact PGR No Trace Residue in Crop Yield
Non Toxic Chemistry Worker Safety
Main Use Application
Sucker Control Young New Shoots Control
Leaf Crops Control and Improve Crop Yield Quality
Fruit Crops Induce Ripening (most fruit crops)
Formulation Form
EMTROL® TEN Emulsifiable Concentrate (Liquid)
EMTROL® TEN PLUS Emulsifiable Concentrate c/w Adjuvant (Liquid)
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