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Emery Oleochemicals' Vision & Mission

At Emery Oleochemicals, all that we do is inspired by our enduring vision, mission and core values.

We believe that tomorrow's world will be shaped by all that we do today. Guided by our purpose as a company, we are committed to achieving sustainable, quality growth by CREATING VALUE in our relationships and with our products.

By combining science and innovation to implement strategic and operational best practices throughout our global network, Emery Oleochemicals believes that through our recognition and understanding of our customers’ business needs and changing societal requirements, we are able to exceed their expectations and continuously create new business value. As we advance the skills necessary for Emery to be the world’s leader in natural-based chemicals, our core values and established business governance ensures that we operate responsibly, therefore ensuring a long-term sustainable future for our employees, business partners, community and investors.

We are committed to building a brand that embraces innovation, diversity and quality that spans the spectrum of the products and services we offer.

Vision Statement
To Become A World Leader
in Value-added, Natural-based Chemicals

Core Values

We strive to be the best and provide value-added advantages to our stakeholders.

We embark on continuous improvement and offer innovative solutions to our stakeholders.

We seek win-win collaboration with our stakeholders to derive synergies. Your success is our success.

We display integrity, responsibility and accountability to deliver results and satisfy our stakeholders expectations.
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