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We believe our natural-based lubricant solutions have the ability to move the world. Our Bio-Lubricant brands DEHYLUB®, TERRADRIL®EMEROX®, EMERY® are recognised for their ability to improve processing efficiencies, deliver outstanding technical performance and enhance environmental safety.

Leveraging Emery Olechemicals’ technical expertise, market insights, and back-end integration to renewable feedstock has resulted in lubricant solutions used in a wide range of applications.

EMEROX® Azelaic Acid: The Preferred Alternative to Sebacic Acid

As the pioneer in the commercial development of azelaic acid, our EMEROX® products are the result of over 60 years of research. Emery Oleochemicals is the world’s largest commercial producer of azelaic acid, which is produced by our proprietary ozonolysis-oxidation process and is recognized as an environmentally-friendly building block for a wide range of industrial formulations. EMEROX® Azelaic Acid, with its odd-carbon structure, imparts unique properties to polymers and derivatives that can be utilized advantageously. Important advantages of EMEROX® Azelaic Acid derivatives include excellent lubricity, oxidation resistance and extreme temperature properties. EMEROX® Azelaic Acid also finds extensive industrial use in lubrication grease and corrosion inhibitor applications.

EMEROX® Azelaic Acid is widely used as a complexing agent for lithium complex grease. Here it provides high dropping points along with improved mechanical stability, water resistance and oil separation properties. EMEROX® Azelaic Acid also has a lower melting point than other commonly used complexing agents, which results is faster cycle times and improved ease of use.

EMEROX® Azelaic Acid has more recently found important application in synergistic blends with other dibasic acid to provide corrosion protection to iron and steel surfaces. Amine and hydroxide salts provide excellent rust control for aqueous applications including engine coolants, metal cleaners and metalworking fluids. Our dibasic acid blends, when neutralized into water based formulations, also exhibit improved foam control and hard water stability compared to most other individual and blended acids.

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Marine Lubricants

Market Segments

Backed by research findings, our natural-based bio-lube esters – derived from renewable raw materials like palm/palm kernel, coconut or tallow oils; offer :

  • Environmentally friendly values
  • Good biodegradability
  • Low aquatic toxicity
  • Good lubricity and wear protection
  • Good rheological properties and high viscosity indices
  • Good performance over a wide range of temperatures
  • Polarity that results in a high cleaning effect
  • Miscible in mineral oils and poly-alpha-olefin (PAO)

Our product portfolio includes a wide selection of mono and polyol esters (saturated and unsaturated). Together with dicarboxylic acid esters and complex esters, a variety of lubricant applications can be served including the making of end-products that need high flash points and low evaporation rates intended to reduce fire hazards.

Emery Oleochemicals’ natural-based esters can help formulators to meet demanding technical market requirements in many applications including:

  • Chain Oils:
    DEHYLUB® 4022, 4026, 4059, and 4100
  • Gear and Transmission Oils:
    DEHYLUB® 1337, 4005, 4008, 4022, and 4045
  • Hydraulic Fluids:
    DEHYLUB® 4002, 4008, 4012, 4016, 4022, 4030, and 4050
  • Metalworking Fluids:
    DEHYLUB® 1325, 1337, 4002, 4004, 4010, 4012, 4018, 4026, 4030, 4100, and 4140
  • Steel Rolling Oils:
    DEHYLUB® 4003, 4016, 4030, 4052, and 4140


 As a global provider of renewable-based, high performance and innovative solutions for oilfield drilling applications, we make oil exploration around the world more efficient and sustainable through our environmentally friendly products. With business knowledge and technical expertise in oilfield chemicals spanning more than 30 years, today, we offer commercial products that perform even under challenging borehole and formation conditions.

Backed by market insights offered through the services of our experienced technical team; we are poised to support both exclusive and joint development efforts to meet your specific application needs in areas such as:

  • Carrier Fluids:
    OMC 586 XL and 1000
  • Cleaners:
    TERRADRIL® S 809, S 1118, and S 1310
  • Emulsifiers:
    TERRADRIL® EM 1120 and EM 1122
  • Lubricants:
    DEHYLUB® 1037, 1316, and 1324
  • Rheology Additives:
    TERRADRIL® V 300, V 988 and V 1705

Having pioneered the commercial development of ozone acids with our first ozone plant in 1953, Emery Oleochemicals is today, the world's largest industrial and only commercial producer of Azelaic Acid. Our proprietary ozonolysis-oxidation technology transforms Ozone Acids into Pelargonic or Azelaic acid through the powerful reactivity of ozone to cleave Oleic acid.

Recognised as an environmentally friendly building block for lubricant formulations, our Azelaic Acid, with its odd-carbon structure imparts unique properties to polymers and derivatives that can be utilized advantageously. Synthetic base stocks made from azelate diesters exhibit extremely good viscosity/temperature relationships and therefore outperform petroleum oils in this area.

Among other important advantages of azelate diesters are:

  • Low viscosity rise during oxidation
  • A low order of corrosive breakdown products
  • Excellent overall lubricity
  • Low coking characteristics
  • High flash points
  • Good additive response
  • Low peroxide values

Compounded lubricants and greases incorporating azelate basestocks are used in: military and commercial aircraft engines of the turbojet, turbofan, and turboprop varieties; for stationary jet engines, electrical and other power requirements; for aircraft and space vehicle instruments; and for other equipment and instrumentation requiring maximum lubrication performance over a broad temperature range. Azelaic Acid is also finding increasing application as a complexing agent for Lithium Complex Grease.

Our Pelargonic Acid derives unique performance characteristics from its odd-chain chain length – providing definite advantages in many quality and performance sensitive applications over short-chain fatty acids. With properties such as a significantly different solubility characteristics, lower-temperature fluidity, and low melting points, the Pelargonic Acid is particularly suitable as the major acid component in Trimethylolpropane (TMP), Pentaerythritol (PE) and Neopentyl glycol (NPG) polyol esters. These classic polyol structures dominate jet engine lubricant technology, and are becoming more important in synthetic lubricants for industrial and land transportation applications.

  • Lube Base Stocks:
    EMEROX® 1110, 1112, and 1144 Azelaic Acids
    EMERY® 1202, 1203, and 1210 Pelargonic Acids
  • Lithium Complex Grease:
    EMEROX® 1110, 1112, 1144 and 1101 Azelaic Acids
  • Corrosion Inhibitors:
    EMEROX® 1175, 1185 and 1199 Dibasic Acid Blends
  • Drilling Fluids:
    EMERY® 2003 and 2016 Dimer Acids
  • Fuel Additives:
    EMERSOL® 3875 and 3877 Isostearic Acid
    DEHYLUB® 4155
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