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High-Performance Lubricant Base Stocks & Lubricant Additives

Engineered for Performance, Sustainable by Nature™

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We understand that performance lubricants are essential in every facet of the industrial world. From engine oils in cars and planes that enable fuel efficiency to hydraulic fluids in machines that transmit power effectively, modern society recognizes the importance of advanced chemistries to achieve durability and performance.

Emery Oleochemicals’ heritage of pioneering chemical innovations for over 180 years, with over 60 years of esters technology expertise, allows us to develop effective lubricant base stocks and chemical additives that enable our customers around the world to manufacture critical end products for a multitude of industries.

Our commitment to deliver high-performance and environmentally-friendly solutions is founded on our unique strengths of utilizing proprietary natural-based and synthetic lubrication technology and being vertically integrated to ensure security of supply.

View our broad portfolio of existing products below or contact us to partner with Emery to innovate new products that meet your specific requirements. Experience the difference today!


Emery's Bio-Lubricants Technology Advantage

Emery's Bio-Lubricants division can provide the necessary technical expertise and R&D capacities around the world. Our Technical Centers of Excellence in the USA and Germany design products for emerging industry requirements, creating solutions that make a difference to the various applications. We also engage in customer-specific projects to support the continuous evolution of high-performance lubricants. Our laboratories feature synthetic capacity along with broad test equipment to characterize our product and establish important application data to assist our customers in their formulation work.

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