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Bio-Lubricants: Leading the Way Toward a Sustainable Future

High-Performance, Natural-Based Lubricant Base Stocks & Additives

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We understand that performance lubricants are essential in every facet of the industrial world. From engine oils in cars and planes that enable fuel efficiency to hydraulic fluids in machines that transmit power effectively, modern society recognizes the importance of advanced chemistries to achieve durability and performance.

Emery Oleochemicals' heritage of pioneering chemical innovations for over 180 years, with over 60 years of esters technology expertise, allows us to develop effective lubricant base stocks and chemical additives that enable our customers around the world to manufacture critical end products for a multitude of industries. 

Our commitment to deliver high-performance and environmentally-friendly solutions is founded on our unique strengths of utilizing proprietary natural-based and synthetic lubrication technology and being vertically integrated to ensure security of supply.

View our broad portfolio of existing products below or contact us to partner with Emery to innovate new products that meet your specific requirements. Experience the difference today!

Our Bio-Lubricants Technology Advantage

We can provide the necessary technical expertise and R&D capabilities from our Technical Centers of Excellence around the world in the USA, Germany and Malaysia. Here we design products for existing and emerging industry requirements, creating sustainable solutions that make an impactful difference to the various applications. We also engage in customer-specific projects to support the continuous evolution of high-performance lubricants.

Our laboratories in all three regions feature synthetic capacity along with broad test equipment to characterize our products and establish important application data to assist our customers in their formulation work.


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Industrial Lubricants

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Marine Lubricants

Market Segments

Emery Oleochemicals offers a broad portfolio of ester products for a multitude of applications in the lubricants industry. Driven by over 60 years of technical expertise, our constantly evolving base esters and specialty esters portfolio provides formulators and end users robust solutions to meet their needs. Under the DEHYLUB® brand name, we offer products as Gp V base stocks as well as additives to the formulating industry. In addition to technical applicability, our DEHYLUB® product line provides sustainability due to high renewable content as well as favorable biodegradability compared to petrochemicals base stocks and components.

Tailored to meet technical and regulatory requirements, Emery's lubricant esters help our customers to create end products that achieve:

  • high performance levels
  • optimized energy efficiency
  • long-term stability
  • reduced maintenance and operating costs for end users.

As one of the leading suppliers of environmentally-acceptable base stocks, Emery Oleochemicals offers the following types of esters (both saturated and unsaturated):


Our monoesters provide very low viscosity for high spreading and wetting abilities. They maintain a high flash point and low volatility compared to petrochemical base stocks of the same viscosity grade.


Emery offers diester products based on both renewable content and petrochemical components.

Polyol Esters

The polyol ester range of our Bio-Lubricants portfolio uses neopentyl glycol, trimethylolpropane and pentaerythritol as the alcohol part in combination with oleochemical fatty acid cuts to achieve optimal performance parameters as well as a very favorable ecotoxicological profile. This makes our esters the ultimate base stock for environmentally-acceptable lubricants (EALs) such as for use in marine applications.

Complex Esters

Complex ester from Emery are available both in unsaturated and saturated lines. Both lines offer various viscosity grades to provide our customers with the appropriate viscosity grade or apply a blending scheme to achieve any viscosity grade in between. Our complex esters provide formulators with the right tool to optimize lubricant fluids toward higher levels while maintaining other important criteria like ecotoxicology profile, usage of renewable resources and low toxicity.

Discover our extensive DEHYLUB® esters portfolio of products by application:

Contact us today for more information or to request a sample to begin enhancing the performance of your formulations.

As a global provider of renewable-based, high-performance and innovative solutions for drilling applications, stimulation, production chemicals and other oilfield chemical solutions, Emery Oleochemicals provides a unique and comprehensive portfolio for the oil and gas industry.

Drilling Chemicals
Innovative drilling fluid systems are Emery's contribution and commitment to increasingly demanding global oil and gas exploration activities. Our natural-based ester formulations are used to drill reactive geological formations and make it possible to drill highly-deviated wells where borehole stability, lubricity and benign ecological properties are essential. The unique ecotoxicological properties that Emery's esters impart have dramatically reduced the impact of the drilling fluid on marine environments, even allowing the disposal of drilled cuttings on the sea floor with a clear conscience.

  • Base Fluids: TERRADRIL® CF 1600, OMC 586 XL,TERRADRIL® CF 1000
  • Lubricants: DEHYLUB® 1037, DEHYLUB® 1246, DEHYLUB® 1316, DEHYLUB® 1324,TERRADRIL® CL 1500
  • Rheology Modifiers: TERRADRIL® 1075, TERRADRIL® V 300, TERRADRIL® V 1552, TERRADRIL® V 1367
  • Emulsifiers: TERRADRIL® EM 392, TERRADRIL® EM 1530, TERRADRIL® EM 1120
  • Thinners: TERRADRIL® V 988, TERRADRIL® V 408
  • Cleaners: TERRADRIL® S 1310, TERRADRIL® S 809

Stimulation and pH Adjustment
Chloride free organic acid mixtures are an effective alternative to hydrochloride stimulation packages which avoid problems associated with metal corrosion at elevated temperatures and the formation of asphaltene sludges. DEHYPAR® 1511, a proprietary mixture of low molecular weight organic acids, provides a cost-effective alternative as a building block for retarded acid stimulation packages manufactured from renewable raw materials.

Production Chemicals
Our low toxicity, biodegradable, and sustainable range of chemistries allows Emery Oleochemicals to serve our customers with unsurpassed performance in challenging production environments. To provide optimum performance for our customers, these products are tailored to individual requirements to ensure that physical property limitations including viscosity flashpoint, etc. are addressed appropriately in a cost-effective way. Our production chemical product range includes:

  • Paraffin Treatment:
    • DEHYPAR® 1492 - effective alternative to the use of aromatic solvent for paraffin removal and treatment of other organic solids
    • DEHYPAR® 1540 - high-performance paraffin dispersant with excellent environmental properties (non-toxic, biodegradable)
    • DEHYPAR® 1545 and DEHYPAR® 1550 - general purpose paraffin dispersants suitable for the treatment of paraffinic deposits in a wide range of production equipment
    • DEHYPAR® 1503 and DEHYPAR® 1506 - high active polymeric pour point depressants with efficient paraffin exhibition properties
  • Cold Flow Improvers (CFPPs): DEHYPAR® 1480 - for refinery applications
  • Corrosion Inhibition: DEHYPAR® 1427 - effective corrosion inhibitor building block with excellent environmental properties which we offer for further formulation
  • Calcium Naphthenate Prevention: DEHYPAR® 1512 - high concentrated chloride free mixture of organic acids (active content 85%) for effective pH adjustment in water-bearing systems suffering from calcium naphthenate deposits. This product is biodegradable and manufactured from 100% renewable resources.
  • Foaming Agents: DEHYPAR® 1262 - environmentally-friendly foaming agent. Custom options are also available. Contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.

Technical Support

In our oilfield chemicals Technical Center of Excellence, Emery offers state-of the art testing capabilities and customer-specific evaluations of system conditions to support you in the selection of the most appropriate solution for your specific application.

Contact us today for more information or to request a sample to begin enhancing the performance of your formulations.

Emery Oleochemicals offers a unique variety of chemistries for use in metalworking fluid formulations including base oil esters, base stock components, lubricity additives and corrosion inhibitors.

Lubricant Esters – monoesters and polyol esters for lubricity enhancement

Our DEHYLUB® lubricant esters offer low odor as well as excellent lubricity and hydrolytic stability for versatile application in both oil-based and water-based metalworking fluids.  Esters provide significantly better lubrication properties compared to mineral oil base stocks.

Azelaic Acids – synergistic diacid blends for corrosion control

EMEROX® azelaic acid works in synergistic blends with other dibasic acid to provide corrosion protection to iron and steel surfaces. Amine and hydroxide salts provide excellent rust control for aqueous applications including engine coolants, metal cleaners and metalworking fluids. Our dibasic acid blends, when neutralized into water-based formulations, also exhibit improved foam control and hard water stability compared to most other individual and blended acids.

  • EMEROX® 1185 - Dibasic acid mixture
  • EMEROX® 1199 - Dibasic acid mixture

Pelargonic Acids – monoacids for stability, corrosion control and foam control

EMERY® pelargonic acid derives unique performance characteristics from its odd-chain length – providing advantages in many quality and performance sensitive applications over other short-chain fatty acids. Amine salts and condensates prepared by reacting pelargonic acid with low molecular weight amines such as monoethanolamine or isopropanolamine are also characterized by excellent water solubility.  These chemistries provide a multitude of potential benefits, including improved corrosion inhibition, coupling capability and lower foaming characteristics.

  • EMERY® 1202 - Pelargonic acid 90%
  • EMERY® 1203 - Pelargonic acid 98%

Contact us today for more information or to request a sample to begin enhancing the performance of your formulations.

Emery Oleochemicals offers base stock esters, azelaic acid, isostearic acid and dimer acid for grease formulation applications which provide unique functional benefits. Our products are recognized for uncompromised quality and technical performance.  The present line of EMEROX® azelaic acids is the result of over 60 years of research by Emery Oleochemicals, a pioneer in the commercial development of azelaic acid.

Lubricant Esters – monoesters and polyol esters

Our DEHYLUB® esters offer low odor as well as excellent lubricity and hydrolytic stability for versatile application as biodegradable base stocks for environmentally-friendly lubricant greases.  Esters provide significantly better lubrication properties compared to mineral oil base stocks.

  • DEHYLUB® 4030 – TMP oleate
  • DEHYLUB® 4039 – Di-2-EH azelate
  • DEHYLUB® 4050 – PE oleate
  • DEHYLUB® 4062 – Complex ester

Azelaic Acids – lithium complexing agents

Azelaic acid is widely used as a complexing agent for lithium complex grease. It provides high dropping points along with improved mechanical stability, water resistance and oil separation properties. EMEROX® azelaic acid also has a lower melting point than other commonly used complexing agents which results in faster cycle times and improved ease of use.

Diesters made with azelaic acid are used as base fluids for lubricating greases which exhibit excellent viscosity/temperature relationships.  Greases incorporating azelate base stocks are used in military and commercial aircraft engines, for electrical and other power requirements, for aircraft and space vehicle instruments, and for other equipment and instrumentation requiring maximum lubrication performance over a broad temperature range.

  • EMEROX® 1110 – Azelaic acid 79%
  • EMEROX® 1144 – Azelaic acid 89%

Dimer Acid & Isostearic Acid – specialty acids with unique properties

Isostearic acid and dimer acid can be used as soap forming components or esterified to produce base stocks with unique characteristics including high oxidation resistance and excellent cold temperature properties.

  • EMERSOL® 3875 – Isostearic Acid
  • EMERY® 2016 – Dimer Acid

Contact us today for more information or to request a sample to begin enhancing the performance of your formulations.

Having pioneered the commercial development of ozone acids with our first ozone plant in 1953, Emery Oleochemicals is today, the world's largest industrial and only commercial producer of azelaic acid. Our proprietary ozonolysis-oxidation technology transforms ozone acids into pelargonic acid or azelaic acid through the powerful reactivity of ozone to cleave oleic acid.

Recognized as an environmentally-friendly building block for lubricant formulations, our azelaic acid, with its odd-carbon structure imparts unique properties to polymers and derivatives that can be utilized advantageously. Synthetic base stocks made from azelate diesters exhibit extremely good viscosity/temperature relationships and therefore, outperform petroleum oils in this area.

Among other important advantages of azelate diesters are:

  • Low viscosity rise during oxidation
  • A low order of corrosive breakdown products
  • Excellent overall lubricity
  • Low coking characteristics
  • High flash points
  • Good additive response
  • Low peroxide values

Compounded lubricants and greases incorporating azelate base stocks are used in: military and commercial aircraft engines of the turbojet, turbofan, and turboprop varieties; for stationary jet engines, electrical and other power requirements; for aircraft and space vehicle instruments; and for other equipment and instrumentation requiring maximum lubrication performance over a broad temperature range. Azelaic acid has also found increasing application as a complexing agent for lithium complex grease.

Our pelargonic acid derives unique performance characteristics from its odd-chain chain length – providing definite advantages in many quality and performance sensitive applications over short-chain fatty acids. With properties such as a significantly different solubility characteristics, lower-temperature fluidity, and low melting points, the pelargonic acid is particularly suitable as the major acid component in Trimethylolpropane (TMP), Pentaerythritol (PE) and Neopentyl glycol (NPG) polyol esters. These classic polyol structures dominate jet engine lubricant technology, and are becoming more important in synthetic lubricants for industrial and land transportation applications.

  • Lube Base Stocks:
    EMEROX® 1110, 1112, and 1144 Azelaic Acids
    EMERY® 1202, 1203, and 1210 Pelargonic Acids
  • Lithium Complex Grease:
    EMEROX® 1110, 1112, 1144 and 1101 Azelaic Acids
  • Corrosion Inhibitors:
    EMEROX® 1175, 1185 and 1199 Dibasic Acid Blends
  • Drilling Fluids:
    EMERY® 2003 and 2016 Dimer Acids
  • Fuel Additives:
    EMERSOL® 3875 and 3877 Isostearic Acid
    DEHYLUB® 4155

Base Stocks for Electric Vehicles

E-mobility is a booming sector in the lubricants industry. Other alternative driveline and mobility concepts like hydrogen-powered fuel cells are still in the very early development stages. Therefore, quiet and emission free electric and hybrid vehicles will begin to populate our streets and roads in the coming years. These new cars will still require lubricants to run.  However, these fluids will differ from known technologies and will require new developments from all stakeholders in the industry. In particular, the base stock concepts show high potential to adopt new technologies and chemistries. It will be one of the drivers for new developments and research efforts from lubricant formulators and base stock producers alike.

The new fluids for electric vehicles will have to fulfill a different functionality portfolio than currently used lubricants. In particular, good thermal management in combination with the ability to work under the impact of high voltage is essential. These fluids will have to address the arising electrical, thermal, tribological and chemical challenges as well as material compatibilities with the new electric and hybrid engines. Providing necessary lubrication, wear and corrosion protection, high thermo-oxidative stability and long usage are all key to successful development of future dielectric fluids.

Emery's Bio-Lubricants business is prepared to respond to this technology challenge. There are many questions to be answered by OEMs, government authorities, end users and component suppliers to this industry. Emery's existing and future ester portfolio can meet this need. We have already begun to evaluate the possibilities and are open to technical development cooperation to tackle the challenges for new fluids and lubricants together. Our technical department has started to evaluate several esters from our portfolio in terms of dielectrical properties and suitability for usage in electric and hybrid driveline systems. Available data can be shared and discussed upon request and interest.

Please contact us at EV@emeryoleo.com for more information.

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