Emery Oleochemicals to Present Latest Esters Technology Research for Electric Vehicle Fluids at STLE E-Mobility Conference

CINCINNATI, OH, USA (November 9, 2023) - Emery Oleochemicals is pleased to announce its upcoming technical presentation at the STLE E-Mobility Conference taking place in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on November 14-15. Rob Rambacher, Product Development Chemist, will present “Optimizing EV Fluids by Balancing Performance and Sustainability with Ester Technology” in Session 4E, being held on Tuesday, November 14th at 2 p.m.

Recognizing that thermal management fluids will be a vital part of the new generation of electric vehicles, Emery’s technical presentation highlights how esters can play an important role in the formulation and development of new Gp V base stock chemistry. Our latest research demonstrates that ester blends with petrochemical base stocks provide a good balance of material sustainability, system sustainability, high performance, and economics.

To learn more about Emery Oleochemicals’ current portfolio of base stocks for electric vehicle applications or to discover how we can partner with you for customized EV fluid joint development projects to meet your specific performance and sustainability goals, visit

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