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Braving The Global Sustainability Challenge

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (22 September) – Emery Oleochemicals accelerates its sustainability efforts as panellist at the UN General Assembly SDG Summit Week and 2nd Trade for Sustainable Development Forum

Emery Oleochemicals, the leading global naturalbased specialty chemicals company, intensifies its efforts towards playing a key role in addressing global sustainability challenges. In line with the company's long-term advocacy in responsible business operation, Emery Oleochemicals will be participating in the United Nations General Assembly on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit Week on 28th September and 2nd Trade for Sustainable Development Forum on 1st October.

Ramesh Kana, Group CEO of Emery Oleochemicals will be speaking at the UN General Assembly SDG Summit Week´s two-day Side Session focusing on empowering growercommunities to advance national food security and promote sustainable agriculture. Emery Oleochemicals´ perspective on the influence of natural-based chemicals in the larger framework of sustainable farming practices will frame the day-two panel session that looks at public-private partnerships and how ASEAN multinational companies can play an important role in strengthening regional food security.

At the 2nd Trade for Sustainable Development Forum, Kana and fellow panellists discuss topics of sustainability, transparency, and harmonisation in supply chains towards supporting the United Nations SDG targets; specifically in connecting SMEs and farmers to sustainable supply chains through improved standards in implementation. Additionally, speakers will, at this two-day forum, further explore opportunities in making sustainable supply chains more affordable and accessible, giving buyers, retailers and consumers alike the assurances they need.

Commenting on the company's participation at these high-level programmes on sustainability Kana said, ´We believe that sustainability is a continuous joint-effort by both consumers and businesses; and in order to grow more effectively, businesses should start viewing sustainability as an integrated function embedded in their organizational culture rather than as an operational obligation.´

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