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Connect with Our Technical Experts at the STLE 2024 Annual Meeting and Exhibition



Joint innovation presentation with Lubrizol:
"Development and Validation of Structure-Performance Ester Models for EV Fluids"

by Dr. Jared Nelson (Emery Oleochemicals LLC) and
Kevin Manouchehri (The Lubrizol Corporation)

Session 2M in the Electric Vehicles II Track
Monday, May 20, 2024 @ 2:00 pm

Abstract: Lubrication and thermal management are key challenges in the development of next generation fluids for electric vehicles (EV). A Design-of- Experiment (DoE) approach was used to systematically explore a variety of molecular structures. An array of 23 esters was synthesized and statistical models were developed to understand correlations between structure of an ester and its performance properties. These models will be validated in their ability to predict thermal properties (specific heat, viscosity, density) and tribological behavior (frictional/tractional). The results of this study will be essential to optimizing the product development cycle for EV applications.


"How Ester Technology Contributes to Technical & Sustainability Targets"

by Dr. Matthias Hof (Emery Oleochemicals GmbH) 

Session 6E in the Environmentally Friendly Fluids I Track
Wednesday, May 22, 2024 @ 1:40 pm 

Abstract: Achieving sustainability is one of the dominating challenges in our industry today while technical specifications continue to become more stringent. In existing as well as developing applications and fluid technologies, formulators require appropriate components and base stocks to meet these targets required not only by regulators but also by end users. 

This presentation will showcase how ester products are currently developed with insight into future developments. Innovation is a constant expectation. However, the increasing numbers of regulations, chemical listings and classification needs pose further challenges. Using raw materials for global products while addressing regional availabilities and supply chains must be addressed. Balancing cost and performance is another important consideration to position new chemistries in the market. Data from various bench as well as tribological testing along with environmental input will be presented to show how ester technology can address these needs with existing products already accessible to the formulating industry as well as new products. 


"DEHYLUB® Esters Engineered for Enhanced EV Fluid Performance"

by Mr. John Sliner (Emery Oleochemicals LLC)

Commercial Marketing Forum
Wednesday, May 22, 2024 @ 11:40 am

Abstract: Emery Oleochemicals is a leading provider of high performance natural-based additives and base stocks for lubricant, metalworking fluids, and corrosion preventive formulators. Our brands include DEHYLUB® Esters, EMERSOL® Isostearic Acids, EMERY® Dimer Acids and Pelargonic Acids, and EMEROX® Azelaic Acids and Diacid Corrosion Inhibitors. Principal to our business strategy is our back-end integration to renewable feedstocks, innovative solutions, reliably consistent products, in-depth technical knowledge, and global commercial and technical support.

This presentation will introduce our initial offering of esters that have been engineered to provide outstanding performance as base stocks or additives for fluids used in electric vehicle applications. They provide excellent low temperature properties and oxidative stability. Additionally, these products satisfy the special demands for thermal and dielectric properties including high thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, breakdown voltage, and dielectric constant. 



Meet with Emery's Technical Experts at Booth 314-316 in the exhibition hall to discuss your technical specifications and learn how our comprehensive portfolio of base stocks and ester technology can meet your performance and sustainability objectives for a multitude of applications including electric vehicle fluids, industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids, oilfield chemicals, grease and more.


Emery's Portfolio of High-Performance and Sustainable Products for EV Fluids

Visit: https://www.emeryoleo.com/bio-lubricants/electric-vehicles.

We are also open to joint technical development cooperation to tackle ongoing challenges for new fluids and lubricants to meet market demands. Contact us at EV@emeryoleo.com for more details.

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