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Base Stocks for Electric Vehicles

E-mobility is a booming sector in the lubricants industry. Other alternative driveline and mobility concepts like hydrogen-powered fuel cells are still in the very early development stages. Therefore, quiet and emission free electric and hybrid vehicles will begin to populate our streets and roads in the coming years. These new cars will still require lubricants to run.  However, these fluids will differ from known technologies and will require new developments from all stakeholders in the industry. In particular, the base stock concepts show high potential to adopt new technologies and chemistries. It will be one of the drivers for new developments and research efforts from lubricant formulators and base stock producers alike.

The new fluids for electric vehicles will have to fulfill different functionality requirements than currently used lubricants. In particular, good thermal management in combination with the ability to work under the impact of high voltage is essential. These fluids will have to address the arising electrical, thermal, tribological and chemical challenges as well as material compatibilities with the new electric and hybrid engines. Providing necessary lubrication, wear and corrosion protection, high thermo-oxidative stability and long usage are all key to successful development of future dielectric fluids.

Emery's Bio-Lubricants business is prepared to respond to this technology challenge through existing and new products as well as through joint development projects. There are many questions to be answered by OEMs, government authorities, end users and component suppliers to this industry. Emery's existing and future ester portfolio can meet this need. We are already evaluating the possibilities and are open to technical development cooperation to tackle the challenges for new fluids and lubricants together. Our technical department has begun to evaluate several esters from our portfolio in terms of dielectrical properties and suitability for usage in electric and hybrid driveline systems. Available data can be shared and discussed upon request and interest.

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