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Emery Oleochemicals Announces Addition of Azelaic Acid to European Ecolabel LuSC-List and Upgraded Classification of Lithium Azelate

CINCINNATI, OH (Apr. 26, 2017) – Emery Oleochemicals, a global specialty chemical manufacturer, is pleased to announce the addition of its EMEROX® 1144 azelaic acid, a crucial component for complex grease thickener systems, to the Brands section of the European Ecolabel LuSC-List. Emery's total number of Bio-lubricants branded products on the LuSC-List increases to 11 with the addition of EMEROX® 1144 azelaic acid.

The EU Ecolabel helps identify products that have a reduced environmental impact and proven technical performance. The LuSC-List comprises components for lubricants that meet stringent biodegradation, aquatic toxicity and renewability requirements.

EMEROX® 1144 is rated on the Brands 'Thickeners' LuSC-List as follows:

  • 100%A for EEL Biodegradation
  • 100%D for EEL Aquatic Toxicity
  • 100% for Renewability

Formulators who use LuSC-List components can ensure that their finished lubricant products meet EU Ecolabel criteria. For marine applications, products formulated from EU Ecolabel substances are considered Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs), which are required by the current U.S. EPA's Vessel General Permit (VGP).

The former classification of Lithium azelate as toxic has been revised by the SMK as the leading competent body responsible for the LuSC-List. The improved labeling as harmful now matches the rating of Lithium sebacate and enables grease formulators to use azelaic acid based thickener systems alike. Performance advantages of using azelaic acid as a complexing agent in lithium complex grease versus sebacic acid include:

  • simpler manufacturing through one-step process to save production time,
  • higher dropping point,
  • excellent fretting wear, and
  • lower production costs.

“In support of the circular economy and our company's own sustainability objectives, Emery Oleochemicals has an ongoing commitment to provide our customers with high-performance, bio-based lubricant solutions. The addition of EMEROX® 1144 to the LuSC-List Brands section as well as our investments in own toxicity testing to prove the suitability of Lithium azelate for EEL compliant grease formulations reinforces that,” said Dr. Matthias Hof, Head of Emery's Bio-lubricants Product and Application Development.

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