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Azelaic Acid: The Preferred Alternative to Sebacic Acid and Adipic Acid

Emery Oleochemicals offers azelaic acids and dibasic acid blends for a variety of applications including lithium grease and cosmetics where they are typically used in the form of a salt or ester derivative for unique functional benefits. Under the EMEROX® brand name, our products are recognized for uncompromised quality and technical performance.  The present line of EMEROX azelaic acids is the result of over 60 years of research and development by our company, as a pioneer in the commercial development of azelaic acid. Today, Emery Oleochemicals is the largest global manufacturer of azelaic acid. 

EMEROX® Azelaic Acids and Dibasic Acid Blends

Azelaic acid is a suitable and preferred alternative to both sebacic acid and adipic acid.

EMEROX azelaic acid saponifies readily with sodium and potassium hydroxide to form metal salts which are highly water soluble. Salts of calcium, magnesium, aluminum, and other metals are insoluble in water and in common organic solvents.  Azelaic acid is widely used as a complexing agent for lithium complex grease. Here it provides high dropping points along with improved mechanical stability, water resistance and oil separation properties. Azelaic acid also has a lower melting point than other commonly used complexing agents which results is faster cycle times and improved ease of use.

Monohydric alcohols react with azelaic acid to form relatively high boiling diesters. These diesters are used as base fluids for synthetic lubricants and greases where they exhibit excellent viscosity/temperature relationships.  Compounded lubricants and greases incorporating azelate base stocks are used in military and commercial aircraft engines, for electrical and other power requirements, for aircraft and space vehicle instruments, and for other equipment and instrumentation requiring maximum lubrication performance over a broad temperature range.

EMEROX azelaic acid has more recently found important application in synergistic blends with other dibasic acid to provide corrosion protection to iron and steel surfaces. Amine and hydroxide salts provide excellent rust control for aqueous applications including engine coolants, metal cleaners and metalworking fluids. Our dibasic acid blends, when neutralized into water based formulations, also exhibit improved foam control and hard water stability compared to most other individual and blended acids.


Azelaic Acids

Product Name % Azelaic Acid Acid Value Color, % Trans. (440/550 nm) Description
EMEROX® 1110
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79 min. 574-591 68/85 min. Azelaic Acid (79%)
EMEROX® 1144
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88 min.  587-594 ≤95/99 min. Azelaic Acid (89%)
EMEROX® 2195
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95 min. 586-601 85/95 min. Azelaic Acid (95%)


Dibasic Acids

Product Name % Total Dibasic Acid Acid Value Color, % Trans. (440/550 nm) Description
EMEROX® 1199  
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98 min. 515-535


Dibasic Acid Mixture


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