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TERRADRIL® V Rheology Modifiers for Oil-based Mud

To meet increasingly demanding global oil and gas exploration activities, Emery offers innovative drilling fluids systems. Our formulations are based on esters derived from natural resources. They are used to drill reactive geological formations and make it possible to drill highly-deviated wells where bore hole stability, lubricity and benign ecological properties are essential. Their unique ecotoxicological properties have dramatically reduced the impact of the drilling fluid on marine environments, even allowing the disposal of drilled cuttings on the sea floor with a clear conscience.
TERRADRIL® V rheology modifiers (such as thinners, thickeners and viscosifiers) support increasing rheological properties in oil and synthetic-based drilling fluids. In addition to typical low end rheology modifiers and suspension agents, Emery also offers rheology modifiers for high temperature applications.

Product Name Appearance Solubility in Water Density @20°C (g/cm³) Flash Point (°C) Description
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orange to brown liquid insoluble approximately  0.95 >200 Low end rheology modifier for oil-based muds 
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white solid insoluble not applicable >180 Suspension agent for oil-based muds 
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yellow to brown liquid insoluble 0.92-0.93 >200 Environmentally-friendly low end rheology modifier for oil-based muds
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white to yellow solid insoluble not applicable >200 Clay free viscosifier for oil-based muds
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brownish liquid insoluble 0.92-0.94 >100 Oil-based mud thinner
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brown liquid dispersible 1.01-1.05 >100 Oil-based mud wetting agent

Technical Support  

Emery Oleochemicals' technical application labs are state-of-the art. Emery’s expertise is to run extensive drilling fluid testing for evaluation and comparison of chemical solutions. In addition to standard API drilling fluid testing, which includes mixing, aging, rheology measurement and filtration, Emery offers lubricity (Falex and EP Tester), cleaner, foamer and shale testing. Emery's innovative Product Development and Technical Customer Service teams are recognized by our customers as leading in the industry. 

Regulatory Compliance  

Emery's oilfield business is committed to provide environmentally-friendly products to help protect the environment and the health of workers in the operation field and/or on rigs. Many of our products are Ospar Commission and Cefas approved for use in offshore drilling as per the high standards according to North Sea operations. 


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