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Production Chemicals for Stimulation, Naphthenate Inhibition & Cold Flow Improver (CFPP)

Emery Oleochemicals' DEHYPAR® portfolio of products is used for a wide range of production chemical applications.

DEHYPAR® 1262 as Foaming Agent
DEHYPAR 1262 is a highly concentrated surfactant designed for application as a foaming agent in the production of oil and gas. In addition to the removal of liquid loadings, this product can also assist unloading unwanted solids from oil and gas wells.

DEHYPAR® 1511 for Stimulation Package
To overcome the challenges associated with conventional HCI treatments, Emery developed a highly-active, organic acid-based stimulation fluids (chlorine free), which is 100% derived from renewable resources. DEHYPAR 1511 can be easily formulated into a variation of retarded acids for stimulation.

DEHYPAR 1511 improves production by removing carbonate restricted pores in chalk and/or limestone formation. It also reacts slowly in comparison with hydrochloric acid. It  ensures deep penetration into the formation (retarded acid) and prevents chloride corrosion. In addition, DEHYPAR 1511 is easy to co-formulate into formulations to mitigate downhole emulsion remediation (asphaltene sludge).

DEHYPAR® 1512 for Calcium Naphthenate Prevention
DEHYPAR 1512 is also used to overcome the challenges associated with conventional HCl treatments. It can be easily formulated into a variety of retarded acids by maintaining a low pH during production and transport of crude oils with high naphthenic acid content to avoid phase separation. It prevents calcium naphthenate formation and has no negative impact on refinery operations. An additional benefit of DEHYPAR 1512 is that it is biodegradable.
DEHYPAR® 1580 as Cold Flow Improver (CFPP)
DEHYPAR 1580 is a cold flow improver and pour point depressant for middle distillates and heating oils. It improves the properties of middle distillates and of fuel oils at low temperatures. It is particularly suitable for middle distillates with a higher final boiling point. DEHYPAR 1580 is a flow improver that affects the growth of paraffin crystals, thereby the filterability limit (CFPP according to DIN EN 116) and the pour point (ISO 3016) of diesel fuels and of fuel oils are efficiently reduced. DEHYPAR 1580 blends well with middle distillates and fractions with high aromatics content.

Product Name Appearance Solubility in Water Flash Point (°C) Description
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clear yellow liquid emulsifiable >100 Foaming agent
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liquid insoluble >60 Mixture of short chain organic acids for stimulation
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liquid insoluble >60 Mixture of short chain organic acids for napthenate inhibition
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opaque to light yellow liquid insoluble >60 Cold flow improver

Technical Support  

In our Technical Center of Excellence in Germany, Emery provides state-of-the-art flow assurance assessments and customer-specific evaluations of system conditions to support you in the selection of the most appropriate solution for your specific application.

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