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Production Chemicals: DEHYPAR® for Flow Assurance

Our low toxicity, biodegradable, and sustainable range of chemistries allows Emery Oleochemicals to serve our customers with unsurpassed performance in challenging environments. Our DEHYPAR® product portfolio includes high active pour point depressants (PPDs) which are liquid at extremely low temperatures where conventional products become solids (DEHYPAR® 150X product family) and which do not contain aromatic solvents. 

Emery's PPDs improve the rheological properties of paraffinic crude oils below their natural pour point by reducing the pour point, decreasing the yield value (yield stress) to allow restart operations at low temperatures, and reducing the viscosity which results in decreased energy consumption during transport.

These PPDs are designed for different properties such as continuous injection at a location where the temperature of the crude oil is still above the wax appearance temperature (the temperature at which paraffin crystallization is first observed). For example, Emery's DEHYPAR® 1503 is most suitable for dry crude oils with a free water content of less than 5%. 

Our water-based and non-flammable DEHYPAR® 149X product family of environmentally-friendly surfactants offers equivalent performance for the removal of organic solids to xylene and can easily be applied on the fly by mixing with water (both tap and connate water). 

In addition,  Emery Oleochemicals provides a wide range of non-toxic and biodegradable paraffin dispersants which offer cost-effective alternatives to conventional products.

Product Name Appearance Dynamic Viscosity @20°C (mPas) Density @20°C (g/cm³) Pour Point (°C) Flash Point (°C) Description
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colorless to light yellow liquid <10 0.85-0.90 ≤-50 > 60 Paraffin Dissolver
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white liquid <800 0.90-0.95x ≤-40 > 60 Pour Point Depressant / Paraffin Inhibitor
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white to yellowish liquid <60 0.91-0.95 ≤-12 > 60 Pour Point Depressant / Paraffin Inhibitor
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colorless liquid <20 0.91-0.93 ≤-20 >60 Paraffin Dispersant
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colorless to yellow liquid <30 0.92-0.95 ≤-20 >60 Paraffin Dispersant
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colorless liquid <70 0.98-1.00 ≤-20 >60 Paraffin Dispersant
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colorless to yellow liquid <20 0.93-0.94 ≤-20 >60 Paraffin Dispersant

Technical Support  

In our production chemicals Technical Center of Excellence, Emery provides state-of-the-art flow assurance assessments and customer-specific evaluations of system conditions to support you in the selection of the most appropriate solution for your specific application.

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