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Production Chemicals: DEHYPAR® Corrosion Inhibitor

DEHYPAR® 1427 is Emery Oleochemicals' premier product used to inhibit corrosion in oilfield production applications. It is a water soluble, cationic surfactant designed for multiple applications and it can be used as a general hydrophobic agent, hydrotropic, antistatic or softening agent.  DEHYPAR® 1427 can also be used as a component for cleaning formulations. It is stable over the entire pH range and can be used in combination with most non-ionic surfactants.

Product Name Appearance Dynamic Viscosity @20°C (mPas) Density @20°C (g/cm³) Pour Point (°C) Flash Point (°C) Description
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slightly hazy liquid <70 0.96-0.98 ≤-5 > 60 Corrosion Inhibitor

Technical Support  

At our production chemicals Technical Center of Excellence, Emery provides state-of-the-art corrosion inhibitor assessments and customer-specific evaluations of system conditions to support you in the selection of the most appropriate solution for your specific application.

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