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EMERY® Pelargonic Acid for Metalworking Fluids

EMERY® pelargonic acid derives unique performance characteristics from its odd-chain length – providing advantages in many quality and performance sensitive applications over other short-chain fatty acids. Amine salts and condensates prepared by reacting pelargonic acid with low molecular weight amines such as monoethanolamine or isopropanolamine are also characterized by excellent water solubility.  These chemistries provide a multitude of potential benefits, including improved corrosion inhibition, coupling capability and lower foaming characteristics.

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Product Name Iodine Value Acid Value % Moisture Color Description
EMERY® 1202
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0.5 max 345-355 0.2 max 90/99 min, 
% Trans. 
(440/550 nm)
Pelargonic Acid (90%)
EMERY® 1203
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0.5 max  345-355 0.2 max ≤50 max, APHA Pelargonic Acid (98%)

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