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EMEROX® Dibasic Acid Blends for Metalworking Fluids

EMEROX® azelaic acid works in synergistic blends with other dibasic acid to provide corrosion protection to iron and steel surfaces. Amine and hydroxide salts provide excellent rust control for aqueous applications including engine coolants, metal cleaners and metalworking fluids. Our dibasic acid blends, when neutralized into water-based formulations, also exhibit improved foam control and hard water stability compared to most other individual and blended acids.

Product Name % Total Dibasic Acid Acid Value Color, % Trans. (440/450 nm) Description
EMEROX® 1185  
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  520 min 30/60 min Dibasic Acid Mixture
EMEROX® 1199
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98.0 min. 515-535   Dibasic Acid Mixture

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