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EMEROX® Azelaic Acids for Lithium Complex Grease

Azelaic acid is widely used as a complexing agent for lithium complex grease. It provides high dropping points along with improved mechanical stability, water resistance and oil separation properties. EMEROX® azelaic acid also has a lower melting point than other commonly used complexing agents which results in faster cycle times and improved ease of use.

Diesters made with azelaic acid are used as base fluids for lubricating greases which exhibit excellent viscosity/temperature relationships. Greases incorporating azelate base stocks are used in military and commercial aircraft engines, for electrical and other power requirements, for aircraft and space vehicle instruments, and for other equipment and instrumentation requiring maximum lubrication performance over a broad temperature range.

Product Name % Azelaic Acid Acid Value Color, % Trans. (440/450 nm) Description
EMEROX® 1110
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  574-591 68/85 min. Azelaic Acid (79%)
EMEROX® 1144
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88 min.  587-594 ≤95/99 min. Azelaic Acid (89%)

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