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Dimer Acids: C 36 Diacids

Emery Oleochemicals has over 60 years of experience in producing high quality dimer acids.  

EMERY® 2003 and EMERY® 2016 dimer acids provide increased flexibility, elasticity, toughness, hydrophobicity, transparency, low glass transition temperature, and low melting point in polymers, including both reactive and non-reactive polyamide resins.  
Industrial applications include viscosity modifier for oil and gas wells, surfactant for oil recovery, amine-based corrosion inhibitors and functional components for the coating, paper, adhesive, fuel and lubricants industries.

Product Name Kin. Viscosity at 140 °F (cSt) Acid Value % Moisture Color, Gardner Description
EMERY® 2003
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250-510 180 min. 0.5 max   Technical Dimer Acid
EMERY® 2016
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450-510 190-198 0.2 max 6 Max Premium Dimer acid

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