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Emery Oleochemicals LLC Launches Renewably-Derived Antifogging Agent, LOXIOL® A 4 SPEZIAL, in North America

CINCINNATI, OH (Apr. 4, 2017) – Emery Oleochemicals LLC is pleased to announce the North American market launch of LOXIOL® A 4 SPEZIAL, a renewably-derived antifogging agent and an excellent alternative to NPEs (nonylphenol ethoxylate).

The use of NPEs is already banned by the European Union. While the phase-out of NPEs currently may be done on a voluntary basis in the U.S., large consumer companies like Wal-Mart are encouraging suppliers to reduce or even eliminate the use of NPEs due to their potential impact on human health and the environment.

LOXIOL® A 4 SPEZIAL has food contact approval. Acting as an antifogging agent, LOXIOL® A 4 SPEZIAL can be incorporated into the polymer during the extrusion process. By using this antifogging agent in food wrap, condensed water droplets are spread into a thin continuous layer of water, improving the transparency of the packaging and durability of the contents. LOXIOL® A 4 SPEZIAL is specifically designed to match the key properties and effective performance of NPEs typically used in these PVC foods wrapping films while providing a safe, renewable and readily biodegradable alternative. The use of LOXIOL® A 4 SPEZIAL as an antifogging agent in agricultural films improves light transmission which results in higher plant growth rates, higher crop yields per plant, and earlier crop maturity.

Dr. Harald Klein, Global Business Director, Green Polymer Additives stated, “LOXIOL® A 4 SPEZIAL is a highly efficient, phenol-free solution which is derived from highly renewable raw material. It adds another excellent local offering to our customers that further supports our vision to be ‘The First Choice in Sustainable Polymer Additives’ by offering high-performance and greener alternatives.”

“Based on the advantages that LOXIOL® A 4 SPEZIAL offers the market compared to NPEs, and by expanding our global manufacture of this product to now include capabilities at our bio-based ester production facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Emery is in an excellent position to supply and meet the local needs of our customers,” commented Michael Hoppe, Senior Sales Manager at Emery Oleochemicals LLC.

Emery Oleochemicals' Green Polymer Additives (GP) product portfolio also includes lubricants, plasticizers, viscosity regulators, antistatic agents and release agents. All products are made from sustainable materials that are formulated to optimize production and improve process efficiencies.

Our LOXIOL®, EDENOL® and EMEROX® brands are known globally as high quality, reliable products for the plastics industry.

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