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Emery Oleochemicals Set to Feature first-of-its kind Concept Car and Purpose-Built Home Interior at UTECH

15 May  -  Emery Oleochemicals, a leading global provider of high performance and natural-based chemicals, is all set to revolutionize the polyurethane industry with its unique ‘Renewable & Recycled’ solutions. Presenting its latest Eco-Friendly Polyols (EP) solutions for the first time at the most coveted polyurethane international exhibition, UTECH 2014, Booth 201, Emery Oleochemicals will showcase its manufacturing, technical know-how and innovative product portfolio capabilities through an exclusive concept car, garage and home interior, purpose-built for the show.

The concept car, to be displayed at the event and a first-of-its kind by a natural-based chemicals manufacturer, will bring to life unique EP characteristics and benefits by featuring several car parts from car seats to steering wheel, headliners and door trims, developed to help upcycle the supply chain through innovative renewable and recycled polyol properties. By incorporating Natural Oil Polyols (NOPs), EP‚s environmentally friendly products in these car components will offer renewable alternatives that meet various Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications including many automotive industry‚s performance parameters.

Other tailor-made exhibition components include a “Home Interior” demonstrating polyol solutions suited for furniture and bedding. Visitors will also have the opportunity to discover our range of polyurethane solutions in insulating applications such as refrigeration and construction, known for environmental benefits such as increasing energy efficiency in buildings which in turn, reduces heating and cooling costs.

With additional benefits like reducing carbon footprint, improving processing efficiencies and meeting customers‘ sustainability needs, products from the EP business are offered through the widely recognised EMEROX® Renewable Polyols and INFIGREEN® Recycled Polyols trade names. The EMEROX® Renewable Polyols are made from renewable resources and deliver on both performance and cost, while the INFIGREEN® Recycled Polyols are made from recycled polyurethane scrap foam and can function as a direct replacement for petroleum-based polyols.

Emery Oleochemicals ‘ approach to Recycling through science® in its Eco-Friendly Polyols business is made further possible by combining Emery Oleochemicals‚ proprietary ozonolysis technology and InfiGreen‚s Polyol glycolysis technology. Emery Oleochemicals ‘ EP business focuses on solutions that are primarily used in the manufacturing of flexible and rigid polyurethane foam commonly found in transportation, construction, packaging, furniture and bedding, and many C.A.S.E. (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) applications, thus applying to a large range of industries and products.

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