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Emery Oleochemicals Introduces New Portfolio of Additives for C-PVC

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY (Apr. 24, 2017) – Emery Oleochemicals, a global specialty chemical manufacturer, has developed a portfolio of additives for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (C-PVC) to meet the market's unique requirements. These LOXIOL® brand products from our Green Polymer Additives business offer the following performance advantages:

  • High dropping point, which improves handling of the product
  • Thermal stability in a wide temperature range
  • Improved plate-out behavior, which reduces cleaning cycle time
  • Improved surface properties of the end product
  • Improved dynamic heat stability
  • Optimal rheological behavior
  • Food contact approval, which is well suited for residential water supply systems

Emery Oleochemicals has decades of expertise with C-PVC applications. In close collaboration with our business partners in Japan, we have developed product solutions that guarantee the optimal result for various application areas. Our Green Polymer Additives Global Technical Development Center located in Loxstedt, Germany, supported by our regional Product & Application Development laboratories in North America and Asia, allows us to engage in joint product development efforts with our customers on a global scale and offer exceptional technical support worldwide.

Read the detailed technical article which outlines key lab test results highlighting Emery's high-performance LOXIOL® additives for C-PVC applications.

Full article.

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