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Emery Oleochemicals ’ Bio-Lubricants business expands global new product development capabilities through opening of new state-of-the-art application lab in Monheim, Germany

Enhanced oilfield industry expertise will accelerate new product innovation.

Cincinnati, OH, USA, November 16, 2016 – Emery Oleochemicals, a world-leading natural-based chemicals producer, announced the completion and opening of its new 4,800 square foot laboratory and technical offices located in Monheim, Germany to support expanded product and application development for its global Bio-Lubricants and Oilfield business. 

The lab is staffed with technicians and scientists with strong technical knowledge and expertise in both bio-lubricant and oilfield applications. Bio-lubricant testing capabilities are focused on characterizing esters and measuring typical application data including viscosity profiles, wear behavior, and compatibility properties including air release, demulsibility, and seal compatibility.   In addition, a new TOST device will enable the lab to evaluate the oxidative stability of ester fluids for use in industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids.

For oilfield applications, lab capabilities include preparation and testing of water- and oil-based muds. Testing abilities include rheology measurements, filterability, lubricating behavior, flow assurance and paraffin/asphaltene inhibitor testing.

“The new, larger lab space will enable us to expand both our testing capabilities and technical lab staff as we continue to grow our global Bio-Lubricants and Oilfield business,” said Dr. Matthias Hof, Global Head of Product and Application Development, Bio-Lubricants. “Working in close connection with our Bio-Lubricants commercial team, we are now able to even more effectively support customers through our strong technical acumen, as well as increased testing capabilities. This will allow us to more quickly customize product solutions to fit specific market needs.”

While the oil market continues to face challenges in terms of low crude oil prices and a reduction in drilling activities, there still remains a need for customer support in downstream oil and gas production. In recognition of this and with a desire to grow their product offering, Emery Oleochemicals is expanding their production chemicals technical staffing and testing capabilities.

Mark Durchholz, Global Director, Bio-Lubricants said, “Dr. Hans Oschmann recently joined our team as our Global Market Development Manager for Oilfield. Dr. Oschmann has worked for more than 25 years in the oilfield industry and his addition to Emery Oleochemicals means a promising new direction for our business as we begin to focus on expanding our product portfolio beyond drilling to offer new bio-based chemicals for downstream production.”  

“The combination of Dr. Oschmann’s expertise and our new lab capabilities will allow us to accelerate creation of innovative new products to meet the challenges that the production side of the oilfield industry faces today. We plan to develop high-quality, natural-based specialty products for oilfield service companies to help make their processes more environmentally friendly,” Durchholz added.

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