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Emery Oleochemicals Invests in Technical Development Center Enhancements to Support Green Polymer Additives Business

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY (Sept. 13, 2019) - Emery Oleochemicals is a leading global producer of natural-based chemicals made predominantly from natural oils and fats. Our Green Polymer Additives product portfolio includes lubricants, plasticizers, viscosity depressants, antistatic, antifogging agents, release agents and surfactants made from sustainable resources that are formulated to optimize the production process and to improve the end product properties. Our LOXIOL®, EDENOL® and EMEROX® brands stand for high quality and reliable products for the plastics industry.

Extension of Green Polymer Additives Technical Development Center

To comply with the increasing requirements of the market, the Technical Development Center (TDC) in Loxstedt, Germany has been extended once again. Here, products are tested and the beneficial effect of additives is adjusted and improved. In addition to laboratory synthesis, product batches up to 70 kg (154 lbs) can be produced in the pilot reactor. Recently, a new injection molding machine and various measurement instruments were added to further enhance our testing capabilities. This investment strengthens Emery’s position as a competent and thus, valuable development partner, and enables the development of products tailored for the respective production process.

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Image above shows the new extruder at the Technical Development Center in Loxstedt, Germany

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