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EMEROX ® 14060 EG Azelate Ester Polyol Offers Superior Performance Over Traditional DEG Adipate Polyester Polyols

Emery Oleochemicals ’ Ester Polyol Performance Research Garners Herman Stone Technical Excellence Award at PFA Fall Conference

Cincinnati, OH, USA December 5, 2016 - Emery Oleochemicals, a world leading, natural–based chemicals producer and the largest oleochemicals manufacturer in North America, is pleased to announce the development of EMEROX® 14060, an EG azelate (C9) ester polyol for flexible foam and C.A.S.E. applications. 

“A core value of our business is to offer high-performance products that are also sustainable solutions to address market needs. Therefore, our line of EMEROX® polyols are engineered to deliver exceptional performance enhancements rivalling or exceeding the performance obtained from petroleum-based products. Our polyols have the added benefit of high bio-based content for those companies seeking more natural alternatives which allow their formulators to deliver sustainable products to the end consumer,” stated Mark Kinkelaar, Global Business Director, Eco-Friendly Polyols. 

“Our recent research study has confirmed that EMEROX® 14060 meets or exceeds performance properties obtained from traditional DEG adipate polyester polyols through enhanced hydrophobicity, reduced hydrolytic degradation and increased hydrocarbon resistance,” said Dr. Michael Brooks, Technical Lead supporting Emery Oleochemicals’ flexible foam applications. EMEROX® 14060 is designed to formulate typical “clickable” ester foams. Emery Oleochemicals also offers EMEROX® 14050, which is designed to meet the industry’s need for high elongation / low modulus grades of ester foams. The vast majority of flexible ester foam application needs can be met with these two products. 

Dr. Brooks was awarded the Herman Stone Technical Excellence Award for his recent technical presentation showcasing EMEROX® 14060 at the November meeting of the Polyurethane Foam Association (PFA), scoring highest among the technical presentations with his paper on "Ester Flexible Foam Performance Comparison Between EG Azelate (C9) and DEG Adipate (C6) Polyols." The Technical Excellence Award, named after Dr. Herman Stone, a well-known polyurethane foam expert and industry consultant, is bestowed by the PFA based upon the significance of the subject matter, technical content, overall presentation and other parameters.

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