Emery Oleochemicals will Showcase High-Performance & Sustainable Polymer Additives at Vinyltec 2023

CINCINNATI, OH, USA (October 9, 2023) - Emery Oleochemicals will be exhibiting its line of high-performance and sustainable polymer additives at Vinyltec 2023 being held in Akron, Ohio, on October 10-12.

Meet with our Green Polymer Additives technical and sales team at Table 24 to discuss your performance requirements and find out how Emery’s comprehensive portfolio can also help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Be sure not to miss our latest R&D research on “Controlling Gloss Levels in Filled PVC Systems with Ester Technology” by attending Dr. Ehsan Moghbelli’s presentation on Wednesday, October 11th, at 11:20 am. Learn how calcium stearate in combination with certain external lubricants can lead to fusion and increased gloss. This research systematically investigated the effect of hydrocarbon or PE waxes and complex ester external lubricants with highly filled systems to achieve optimized processing characteristics and appearance of finished parts.

Discover how Emery Oleochemicals makes materials better and processing easier with our innovative polymer additive solutions by visiting us online:

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