Emery Oleochemicals Develops Bio-based Alternative to Castor-based PVC Lubricants

Düsseldorf, Germany (April 22, 2021) - To support and enable the plastics industry to become more independent of castor-based PVC lubricants like 12 Hydroxystearic acid (12-HSA), Emery Oleochemicals’ Green Polymer Additives business unit has developed a new combination lubricant suitable for various rigid PVC applications. LOXIOL® G 19 is a bio-based functional alternative to 12-HSA with very similar processing characteristics in PVC. LOXIOL® G 19 is highly compatible with PVC, reduces stickiness and provides good anti-plate-out properties.

Tests of Emery’s LOXIOL® G 19 lubricant were conducted on Brabender technology, which simulates production realistically on a laboratory scale. These tests, including a mixer test, conical twin-screw extruder tests and gloss measurements, were conducted to evaluate the characteristics of Emery’s new lubricant. The test results indicated that LOXIOL® G 19 has similar characteristics and can replace 12-HSA 1:1, for example in profile extrusion applications. LOXIOL® G 19 did not cause changes in Vicat softening point, the mechanical properties or the color of the end product. Companies are already successfully utilizing Emery’s LOXIOL® G 19 lubricant on an industrial scale.

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