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Emery Oleochemicals Announces EMERY® E Fatty Acid Esters Product Line

CINCINNATI, OH, USA (September 15, 2020) - Emery Oleochemicals, a world leading, natural–based specialty chemicals manufacturer, is pleased to announce the release of its EMERY® E general purpose fatty acid esters product line. These fatty acid esters offer good color stability, low odor, and good biodegradability. EMERY® E bio-based esters are a sustainable alternative to petrochemical-based materials and can be used in the formulation of a wide range of consumer and industrial systems including: 

  • bio-diluent, solvent, or plasticizer in ink, adhesive, and coating applications; 
  • cleaning and stripping products; 
  • cosmetic emollient and dispersant; 
  • plastic additive; 
  • industrial lubricant or release agent; 
  • replacement for mineral, vegetable and selected silicone oils;
  • pigment binding and dispersing co-agent.

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Visit to view the EMERY®  E product technical data sheets.

About Emery Oleochemicals

Founded in 1840, Emery Oleochemicals has been manufacturing high-quality, sustainable solutions for over 180 years. The company is the largest global producer of azelaic acid and the largest oleochemicals manufacturer in The Americas. We offer an extensive product portfolio, including renewable solutions for the Agro Green, Bio-Lubricants, Eco-Friendly Polyols, Green Polymer Additives, Home & Personal Wellness and OleoBasics markets. Emery Oleochemicals is headquartered in Malaysia and has manufacturing plants and Technical Development Centers spanning three regions – North America, Europe and Asia. The company’s global operations are supported by a diverse workforce and an extensive distribution network covering over 50 countries worldwide. To learn more about Emery Oleochemicals, visit  

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