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Portfolio of natural-based azelaic acids for lithium complex grease manufacturing highlight of trade show

15 October 2014 -  To be held at the China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) in Beijing on November 20-22, 2014; Emery Oleochemicals, a world pioneer in the commercial development of ozone technology and the world's largest industrial producer of azelaic acid will feature its EMEROX® range of natural-based ozone acids. Produced through our proprietary ozonolysis-oxidation technology, the azelaic acid cleaved in this process is capable of catering to a wider operating temperature range and is additionally recognised for: .

  • processing temperature due lower melting point,
  • reduc-higher operating temperature due to high dropping point,
  • increased stability due to outstanding resistance to oil separation,
  • high shear stability, and
  • moisture resistance.

Other solutions for lubricant formulation to be presented at the China Inter Lubric 2014 includes products from the DEHYLUB® range of esters; offering the advantages of being environmentally friendly with good biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity.

In particular, our complex ester DEHYLUB® 4100 and DEHYLUB® 4071 are designed for high temperature applications and is often used as chain and hydraulic oils. The high viscosity of the DEHYLUB® 4100 is suitable for higher load application as it provides better load carrying capacity to enhance protection in machinery. It is additionally used as thickener for esters, mineral oil Group II, III and Group IV (PAO) to adjust viscosity of base fluids due to its excellent miscibility and shear stability.

DEHYLUB® 4071 is best used for low temperature application thanks to its low pour point that allows lubricants to flow in lower temperatures. Both complex esters provide good lubricity and protection even when operating under extreme processing conditions.

Emery Oleochemicals’ Bio-Lubricants business caters to customizing solutions for lubricant manufacturers producing high quality lubricants for high-growth industries such as transportation, oilfield and exploration, and industrial lubricants with natural-based formulations designed for 2-stroke engine oils, crankcase/4-stroke engine oils, chain lubricants, hydraulic fluids, form release/ separating agents, gear and transmission oils, metalworking fluids, neat oils and cooling lubricants.

Join us at Booth #A068, China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), Beijing and discover how we can best tailor-make solutions for your bio-lubricant product development needs. See you there!

About China Inter Lubric 2014

The largest international exhibition dedicated to China’s lubricant industry, the event attracts over 1700 exhibitors, more than 60,000 professional attendees including manufactures, dealers, distributors and end users, with about 60 seminars and conferences in total.

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