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New EMEROX® 1199 Diacid Corrosion Inhibitor to be Showcased at Upcoming STLE 2016 Annual Meeting

Cincinnati, OH, USA 01 May 2016, 2016 -  Emery Oleochemicals’ Bio-Lubricants business platform will be featuring its range of bio-based additive and base stock solutions at the upcoming 71st STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Used in the production of lubricants for metalworking fluids, automotive fluids, greases, oilfield applications and other industrial fluids, our environmentally sustainable products which include ozone acids (azelaic acids and pelargonic acids), dimer acids, isostearic acids, esters (mono-, polyol-, dicarboxylic- and complex esters) and more, are recognized for their ability to improve processing efficiencies, deliver outstanding technical performance, and enhance environmental compatibility and safety.

EMEROX® 1199, the newest member of our product family of diacid corrosion inhibitors, will be showcased. EMEROX® 1199 is an effective, readily available alternative to Corfree® M1* for water-based metalworking fluids. When formulated as an amine salt, EMEROX® 1199 offers proven rust protection, low foaming behavior and hard water stability.

Visit us at Booth #113-115 to talk to our technical experts and discover how EMEROX® 1199 and our full range of sustainable bio-based lubricant solutions can help you with your formulation and product development needs.

Be sure to attend our technical session presentations at the meeting:

  • ♦ Wednesday, May 18: Session 5I - Environmentally Friendly Fluids I (Room Las Vegas 2) 9:30-10:00 am: “Frictional Behavior of Ester Base Stocks ” by Dr. Matthias Hof, Emery Oleochemicals GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • ♦ Wednesday, May 18: Session 6A - Commercial Marketing Forum VI (Room Bronze 4) 2:00-2:30 pm: “Emery Oleochemicals - A Global Producer of Corrosion Inhibitor and Lubricant Chemistries” by John Sliner, Emery Oleochemicals LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio,USA

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