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Emery Oleochemicals’ Eco-Friendly Polyols Business to Showcase Latest Technology Developments at 2019 CoatingsTech Conference

EMEROX® polyols based on Emery’s azelaic acid technology offer differential performance and high bio-based content

CINCINNATI, OH, USA (March 14, 2019) - Emery Oleochemicals will showcase its latest product developments of EMEROX® polyols and innovative experimental polyols for coatings applications at the 2019 CoatingsTech Conference being held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on April 08-10.

To address evolving market needs, the driving force behind Emery’s latest developments in polyester polyols for CASE applications is the progressive evaluation of structure-property relationships. Mark Anater, Development Chemist, will be presenting “Performance Benefits of Polyester Polyols Based on Renewable Azelaic Acid; A Review of Structure-Property Relationships in Model Coating Systems“ in Session 4 of the conference on Tuesday, April 9th. His presentation will highlight how the company’s recently introduced new series of polyols under the EMEROX® trade name, which are based on Emery’s proprietary azelaic acid technology, offer differential performance due to the hydrophobic nature of the feedstock and possess a high bio-based content (~70-99%).

Mr. Anater’s presentation will also outline notable performance qualities relative to current commercial ester alternatives based on model coatings created as part of the study. Performance benefits of model coatings made with EMEROX® polyols included high gloss, good chemical resistance, good UV resistance and low water vapor transmission. These polyols often offer broader formulating latitude than petrochemical alternatives and are more predictable than most other naturally-sourced polyols.

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