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Achieving Performance and Sustainability Objectives with Bio-based Polyols

CINCINNATI, OH (May. 16, 2017) – Achieving sustainability objectives has increased in importance for those in the coatings industry. This includes the use of bio-based raw materials in the production of resins. Today, the industry is pursuing more sustainable raw material sources that don't compromise performance as end customers' demand for greener products increases.

Emery Oleochemicals' Eco-Friendly Polyols business recently published a technical article on this topic, which was featured in the May 2017 issue of Paint & Coatings Industry magazine. The article highlights Emery's family of new azelaic acid-based polyester polyols specifically intended for the C.A.S.E. polyurethane market segments with particular emphasis on coatings applications. Key technical properties, including water solubility, chemical compatibility to potential solvents of interest, rheology and the physical property performance of model coatings were outlined. Through lab testing, it was demonstrated that Emery's azelate polyester polyols can bring performance advantages for the coatings formulator.

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