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Emery Oleochemicals Receives 2017 Award for Excellence in Environmental, Health, Safety & Security Performance from Ohio Chemistry Technology Council

CINCINNATI, OH (Jun. 1, 2017) – Emery Oleochemicals, a global specialty chemical manufacturer, received a 2017 Award for Excellence in Health and Safety Performance from the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council (OCTC) in recognition of its new Safety Leadership System.

In 2016, Emery instituted a new Safety Leadership System at its Cincinnati, Ohio plant designed to get its manufacturing employees more engaged in the safety improvement process. The program awards points for participation in all types of safety related activities including job safety analysis, process hazards analysis, pre-startup safety review, management of change, safety coaching, 5S events, participating in one of Emery's four safety committees, submitting safety improvement ideas, and others.

With a theme of “We Watch Out For Each Other”, the intention of the Safety Leadership System is to get everyone moved from being safety followers to a higher, more active level in the safety improvement continuum. In Emery's first year of implementation, 70 employees were recognized as active safety participants with 4 or more points and 20 were recognized as safety leaders having obtained 6 or more points. In addition, departments are recognized for overall level of team participation as part of the company's Team Profit Performance (TPI) bonus awards.

“The safety of our employees is extremely important to Emery. Our corporate safety motto is: ‘Our work is never so urgent or important that it cannot be done safely.’ Having everyone more proactively engaged on a daily basis through the Safety Leadership System helps drive this mindset,” said Mike Groh, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager.

On May 1st, Mr. Groh along with Mark Zanoni, Emery's Cincinnati Site Operations Director, accepted the award from the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council in recognition of the value and importance of Emery's new safety system.

[Pictured above: Mark Zanoni (left), Mike Groh (right)]

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Emery Oleochemicals Group is a leading producer of natural-based chemicals made predominantly from natural oils and fats such as plant-based oil and tallow. We offer an extensive product portfolio, including renewable solutions for the Agro Green, Bio-Lubricants, Eco-Friendly Polyols, Green Polymer Additives, Home & Personal Wellness and OleoBasics markets. With revenue of USD 600 million (2016), the company is headquartered in Malaysia and has manufacturing plants and Technical Development Centers spanning three continents – North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Emery Oleochemicals' global operations are supported by a diverse workforce and an extensive global distribution network covering over 50 countries worldwide.

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