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Emery Oleochemicals to promote 100 percent natural-based external lubricants at K-Fair 2016

Designed as an alternative to synthetic Fischer-Tropsch waxes, these products offer improved performance and environmental sustainability

Düsseldorf, Germany, 28 September, 2016 - Emery Oleochemicals, a world leading natural-based chemicals producer, will showcase its high-performance polymer additives solutions at the upcoming K-Fair 2016 in Hall 8B, Booth A58. Themed “Innovations in Sustainable Polymers”, the company’s Green Polymer Additives (GPA) business will feature its growing portfolio of customisable natural-based products developed with over 60 years of experience in plastic additives.   

LOXIOL® G 24 and LOXIOL® G 25 external lubricants, manufactured with up to 100 percent renewable content, will be key exhibits at the event.  Suitable for extrusion of rigid PVC pipes and profiles as well as injection moulding in PVC processing, LOXIOL® G 24 and LOXIOL® G 25 are leading examples of Emery Oleochemicals’ latest solutions designed to meet both stringent environmental requirements and high performance technical specifications. As an alternative to synthetic Fischer-Tropsch wax and other paraffin waxes, these LOXIOL® products provide low volatility and are stable over a wide temperature range.

Emery Oleochemicals is committed to continuous research and innovation to develop performance products to meet market requirements. Explains Billy Yeoh, Chief Business Officer, “We continue to see growing demand for sustainable solutions that also deliver on performance. Therefore, our investments to strengthen our technical capabilities allow us to focus product development efforts to create differentiated, natural-based specialty chemicals. We are able to provide value-add to our customers’ end products with our customized, innovative polymer additive solutions.  This, in turn, contributes to the expansion of our global leadership position in the polymer additives business.”

Opening of pilot plant in Loxstedt, Germany offers greater flexibility to upscale production

“We complemented our modern Technical Development Centre (TDC) by installing a new pilot plant in Loxstedt, Germany, which will give the GPA team greater flexibility in upscaling products,” says Dr. Harald Klein, Global Business Director, Green Polymer Additives. “Now we are able to pursue more joint collaboration and customization projects due to the shortened time-to-market for new product developments.”  

The pilot plant complements the state-of-art TDC to provide combined technical capabilities in manufacturing environmentally-friendly polymer additives used in high growth markets such as automotive, building and construction, electronics, packaging as well as toys and sports equipment. Supported by in-depth application knowledge, the Loxstedt facility is known for the production of its cutting-edge range of beads, dust free powder products which offer improved flowability as well as safer and easier handling by Emery Oleochemicals’ customers for their own end product production. Developed using an innovative and resource-friendly technology, production of this dust-free solution has been a hallmark for the Loxstedt facility.

Recent technical expansions in other regions include the launch of a state-of-the-art application lab in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and a well-resourced application lab equipped with contemporary testing infrastructure in Tsukuba, Japan.

The first choice in sustainable polymer additives

GPA’s growing renewable-based product portfolio supports Emery Oleochemicals’ business fundamentals of integrating sustainability across multiple areas in the company, explains Ramesh Kana, Group Chief Executive Officer. “The Emery Oleochemicals’ brand is about being a solutions provider that addresses some of the pressing challenges in current times. Forums like the K-Fair provide us a channel to demonstrate our innovations in natural-based polymer additive solutions that promote more resilient infrastructure, and inclusive and sustainable industrialization. In this manner, our business responds to the call for sustainable consumption and production patterns outlined in the 2030 Global Goals introduced by the United Nations, which we subscribe to,” added Kana.

The Green Polymer Additives business markets its solutions under the well-known brands LOXIOL®, EDENOL® and EMEROX®

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