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Eco-Friendly Polyols

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Emery’s polyols can help to achieve your performance and sustainability objectives. We are the leading pioneer in oleochemicals and ozonolysis technology. Coupled with our team’s deep understanding of polyurethane chemistry and our expertise in producing high-performance specialty chemicals, this makes us uniquely positioned to support your specific polyol requirements while ensuring performance, quality, ease of use and security of supply.

EMEROX® polyols offer enhanced performance properties, increased efficiencies and sustainability. They are excellent raw materials for use in the manufacture of a broad range of end products and applications including flexible foam, rigid foam, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. Key benefits include:

  • Structural similarity to petrochemical polyols but with high (45-99%) renewable content
  • Engineered to perform (process and properties)
  • Superior hydrophobicity
  • Based on well-established feedstock
  • Cost competitive
  • INFIGREEN® recycled content polyols are produced from recycled polyurethane scrap foam. These polyols can be either re-introduced into the same foam process (closed loop) or they can be used in entirely different applications (open loop).

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    Market Segments
    Polyols for Rigid Foam

    EMEROX Polyols are excellent high renewable content raw materials for use in the manufacture of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate rigid foams. We offer both aromatic-containing and aliphatic polyols to meet a broad range of industry requirements.

    Aromatic-containing Polyols Product Line

    Our family of aromatic EMEROX Polyols is engineered to perform in a broad range of fire-rated and non-fire-rated rigid foam applications, utilizing both hydrocarbon and next-generation fluorocarbon foam blowing agents.

    Key benefits include:

    EMEROX® 14700 Series Polyols EMEROX® 14730 Series Polyols
    • Aromatic content added for specific targeted applications
    • Aromatic content added for specific targeted applications and benefits
    • Excellent low temperature insulation performance
    • Good blowing agent compatibility
    • Excellent compatibility with various blowing agents (water, hydrocarbons, fluorocarbons)
    • Observed increased yields due to blowing agent compatibility/retention
    • Improved blowing agent efficiency / yield
    • Designed to be used as sole polyols; Low viscosity with a range of hydroxyl values
    • Used as sole polyol in various rigid PIR and PUR foam systems
    • Excellent fire performance (intumescence, not shrinkage)
    • Excellent foam fire performance (intumescence, not shrinkage)
    • High renewable content (45 - 64%)
    • High renewable content (48%)

    View the EMEROX Polyols Aromatic-containing Rigid Foam application sheet

    Aliphatic Polyols Product Line

    Our family of aliphatic EMEROX Polyols is engineered to perform similarly to sucrose glycerin polyether polyols (as a direct 1:1 substitute for SG) in typical rigid foam applications, including geotechnical.

    Key benefits include:

    • Excellent compressive strength and dimensional stability properties
    • Superior hydrophobicity – when foamed under water, EMEROX Polyol-based systems foamed out of water (leaving water clear) and provided density much closer to product foamed under dry conditions
    • Positive swelling benefits (intumescence) when tested for fire performance

    View the EMEROX Polyols Aliphatic Rigid Foam application sheet

    Polyols for C.A.S.E.

    EMEROX Polyols are excellent raw materials for use in the manufacture of coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

    They offer unique performance characteristics for CASE applications, including:

    • Hydrophobic backbone with excellent chemical and moisture resistance
    • Superior low temperature performance (low Tg)
    • Low moisture absorption and moisture vapor transmission properties
    • Improved solvent resistance, especially polar solvents
    • Improved adhesion properties in adhesive and coating systems
    • Excellent resistance to oxidation, UV
    • Ease of use — lower viscosity than a typical DEG or EG adipate polyol of similar MW. Not shear thinning
    • Engineered to perform predictably, with structures similar to petrochemical polyols
    • Based on well-established azelaic acid feedstocks offering high bio-based content from 69-99%, depending on grade

    View the EMEROX Polyols CASE application sheet

    Polyols for Flexible Foam

    EMEROX Polyols offer significant benefits in a broad range of ester flexible foam and ether flexible foam applications including home furnishing and comfort grades, molded foams and ester / technical grade foams.

    Key benefits include:

    • Increased hydrophobicity with improved hydrolytic stability in ester foams
    • Excellent aliphatic / aromatic hydrocarbon resistance for ester foams and as supplements for ether foams
    • Structural similarity to petrochemical polyols
    • High renewable content (80-99%)
    • Cost competitive

    View the EMEROX Polyols Flexible Foam application sheet

    INFIGREEN® Polyols

    INFIGREEN® Polyols are based on a multi-award winning technology for recycling scrap polyurethane foam back into recycled content polyols. These polyols can be either re-introduced into the same foam process (closed loop) or they can be used in entirely different applications (open loop). Emery Oleochemicals offers both open loop and closed loop products, both based on postindustrial scrap flexible foam.

    Key benefits include:

    • Versatile chemical formulation with a range of molecular weights and viscosities possible
    • High to moderate reactivity, depending upon the application requirements
    • Cost-effective replacement for petroleum-based polyols
    • Broad feedstock capabilities with the use of many types of scrap polyurethane foam for custom tailored solutions
    • Closed-loop processing for best performance, sustainability goal documentation and economics

    INFIGREEN® Recycled Content Polyols – Open Loop Product Line

    View the INFIGREEN Polyols application sheet

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