Dr.Kongkrapan interviewed by HAPPI Magazine

04 Oct 2011-Dr. Kongkrapan was interviewed by HAPPI Magazine for an industry piece that discusses the growing surfactant market, in the Sept issue. The editor, in this 5-page article titled "Workhouse Ingredients", explores growth markets, leading trends, global alliances and joint ventures, and highlights some newly launched products in this sector. Other topics written were on the market's focus on the sustainability agenda and the impact of regulators like REACH.

Highlights of Dr. Kongkrapan's extensive interview are as follows :

- Emery Oleochemicals' strong foundation in oleo basics enables us to provide natural based products that meet special customer specifications and requirements for items such as soap bars, fragrances and cosmetics e.g its globally recognized names such as Edenor and EMERY are brands much sought after for their natural, high performance and bio-degradable properties.

- In addition, the company's approach to innovation, which draws its strength from various industry recognitions; such as being remembered as developers of the highest grade (99.8%) of natural based glycerin at that time, is fundamental to its long-term success.

- Recent joint ventures with ERCA Group (Europe) and AK Chemtech (Korea) reinforces the company's move to further its presence in the household and personal care sectors

- Emery Oleochemicals will continue to maintain its focus on its core commodity chemical business, whilst leveraging its competitive advantage - in size, scale, global footprint and technology - to move towards becoming a recognized specialty chemical player

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