Emery Oleochemicals' EMEREEN™ Glycerine receives OMRI certification

11 October 2013 - Cincinnati, Ohio: Emery Oleochemicals is pleased to announce that two of its existing products, namely EMEREEN™ 3916 - Glycerine 99.7% USP and EMEREEN™ 3912 - Glycerine 96% USP have been approved by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI Listed ®) for use in certified organic production and in food processing and handling.

In gaining recognition as the first commercially produced organic Glycerine solutions for the agricultural industry; the accreditation makes Emery Oleochemicals’ the only natural-based chemicals manufacturing company to offer OMRI Listed® Glycerine. The EMEREEN™ 3916 and EMEREEN™ 3912 are commonly used as humectants, suspending agents, solvents, seed treatments formulations and animal feeds. Their viscous nature makes them ideally suited as a component of many agricultural adjuvant formulations.

“The OMRI Listed® Certification allows customers to confidently choose our Agro Green brands for organic production in applications spanning Organic Farming, Production and handling,” said Mr. Steven Chan, Global Director, Agro Green Business. “Leveraging our know-how and access to proprietary technology, our portfolio reinforces the Agro Green Business’ product development focus and commitment to offer the agriculture market with natural-based alternatives. OMRI’s recognition of our high performance and environmentally friendly products reinforces our commitment to work with our customers to further drive innovation in customisable agricultural solutions.”

The Organic Monitor reports that Global Organic Consumer market is estimated to be over US $60 billion, mainly influenced by the “Jamie Generation‟ - consumers under the age of 35 who are generally environmentally and health conscious. With a growing willingness to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and increase spending on organic products, end consumers are catalysts to industry players, therefore driving focus on research and innovation that promotes ecologically-based agricultural systems in various areas such as public plant and animal breeding, food systems and public health including worker safety.

EMEREEN™ is a brand offered by the company’s Agro Green business which also includes other leading organic brands such as EMERION™ Bio-Active Pesticide, EMEREEN™ Green Solvents, Surfactants, and Adjuvants, and EMERLIFE™ PGR-Plant Growth Regulator.

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