Emery Oleochemicals Board of Directors World Tour 2010

03 Mac 2010 - The Board of Directors of Emery Oleochemicals Group completed their 2nd world tour visiting key sites and meeting the employees. While their first visit in 2009 was focused on getting to know the people behind the company, this time around it is about engaging the employees and reiterating their commitment towards the long term growth and sustainability of the company.

Starting in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 1, followed by Cincinnati on Feb 3 and concluded in Düsseldorf on Feb 5, the Board took the opportunity to meet the management of Emery and address the employees as well as answering questions in town hall briefings conducted at each site.

During the World Tour, shareholders shared their support and commitment towards the global growth of Emery Oleochemicals and in ensuring of becoming the No. 1 oleo chemicals group globally by 2015.

Overall, the world tour was very successful in attracting participation and drawing positive response from employees. The BOD has reiterated their long term commitment to the company and urged everyone to work hard and smart to deliver the expectations.

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